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  • Audio transfer technology for CR station

About the Technology
Tibtec is a not for profit working to harness technology to benefit the community. We are based in Tibetan Children’s Village, Dharamshala, H.P. Our expertise are in building Wireless networks and we help organizations in and around Dharamshala with IT consultancy.
Brief about Innovation
The Wireless Transmission System is a technology which enables us to transport audio files from the studio to transmitter through wireless and streaming data technologies. This is beneficial as it will allow us to set-up the transmitter in a more advantageous geographical location even if it is far from the studio.
1.Low-cost and open source technology 2.Easy to set-up and maintain 3.Useful for CR stations where transmitter’s capacity is limited by poor geographical location as currently it has to be placed within/near to studio because it’s connected by wires. 4.Integrates digital media technology with analogue audio interface 5.Increases CR station’s coverage area hence also increases listener base 6.Improves quality of transmission
None as mentioned
Technology Cost
Installation Cost: 0
Recurring Cost: 0
A wireless link between the Studio and the Transmitter/Antenna location, Raspberry Pi (2) and a Audio Cards.
Tested Anywhere
Tested on: 10/2014
Tested by: NA
Outcome: Successful
Relevent to CR
A system which transports audio using wireless and streaming data technologies in order to footprints by allowing you to choose more geo-graphically suitable transmitter locations as a result. The system place transmitters at remote locations away from the studio, this will extend the reach of transmitter Integrates digital media network technologies with analogue audio interfaces on studio equipment and transmitters.
System Requirement
About Organisation
Name of Organisation
Tibetan Technology Centre
Type of Technological Innovation
Type of Usage
Capacity Building
Contact details
Phuntsok Dorjee
Tibetan Technology Centre, c/o Head Office TCV, Dharamshala Cantt. Distt. Kangra, H.P. 176216
Fax: 01892221670
Mob: 9816684664