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About the Technology
Janastu, a non-profit organisation, has been providing Free Open Source Software solutions and support (FOSS) to small non-profits (NPOs/NGOs) since 2002. Janastu has 12A (tax exemption) for maintaining the "software commons". And have worked on solutions such as Renarration Web regarding content ac
Brief about Innovation
This technology application proposes to develop a tool which can enable participatory content re-narration by the community people. Usually when a CR station uses an IVR system for phone calls the number of calls received is very high, which makes it difficult for the CR station team to segregate and tag/mark the received data for reusing.
Can help CR station in analyzing the large data contributed by the listeners effectively to be reused by the station as well the community members • Can help increase the community participation by engaging people not only in content contribution but also in management process by tagging/marking of data making it searchable for other users
Can only work with smartphone users as the application is android-based • Will require considerable efforts from the CR station in terms of both time and personnel time in involving active radio listeners and make them engaged in this activity
Technology Cost
Installation Cost: 500000
Recurring Cost: 0
Ability to develop a set of meta tags that are relevant and to also identify bad users - users who misbehave or wrongly use the meta tags
Tested Anywhere
Tested on: 8/2015
Tested by: Not Mentioned
Outcome: NA
Relevent to CR
CR stations can use the community to help out with moderation and curation of some content or voice
System Requirement
About Organisation
Name of Organisation
Year & Month of Innovation
August 2015
Type of Technological Innovation
Type of Usage
Capacity Building
Contact details
T B Dinesh
3354, KR ROAD, BANGALORE- 560070
Tel: 080-26762963
Mob: 9731666663