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About the Technology
Radio Media Village 90.8 FM is the first FM Community Radio Service at Kottayam district in the state of Kerala, under the flagship of St Joseph College of Communication; the first university affiliated Media College in South India. Its aim is to bring voice to the voiceless by involving members of the community. Radio Media Villages has received the prestigious National Community Radio Award in Community Engagement Category 2013.
Brief about Innovation
FM antenna receiver technology definitely will increase the outreach of CR station in terms of listenership because, the area were community radio station exist is a geographically hazards area as well as density of population is also high. If we could promote this technology nearly 3 lakh people could listen our radio programmes clearly. People have no access to any radio station at their homes. If we could expand this technology many people wil
This technology support listeners to get better transmission in difficult geographical area. Also increase the mileage and clarity of radio program which improve outreach and listeners engagement
Not as much
Technology Cost
Installation Cost: 0
Recurring Cost: 0
Tested Anywhere
Tested on:
Tested by: Radio Mattoli
Outcome: Listenership increased tremendously with high quality and improved programme
Relevent to CR
User friendly low cost technology, easy to access and easy to made
System Requirement
About Organisation
Name of Organisation
Radio Media Village
Type of Technological Innovation
Type of Usage
Outreach Enhancement
Contact details
Vipin K Raj
Radio Media Village, Kurishummoodu, P.O. Chagnanacherry, Kottayam, Kerala
Tel: 09447968033
Mob: 09447968033